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Treatment of Spinal Stenosis (LCS) using the DST Method (Discseel™)

70s, Male

Inquiry Contents

After being diagnosed with spinal stenosis (LCS) and lumbar disc herniation, patient underwent PLDD (Laser) treatment in February this year, but there was no improvement.

Patient experiences severe pain in the lower back and right thigh, making it difficult to get up, and is in extreme discomfort if he is not lying down. Movements such as sitting and standing have become difficult, and he is unable to walk for longer than 100 meters.

Patient wishes to undergo treatment at this clinic if he is suitable for it.

Diagnostic Imaging Results

Chief Complaint:
Pain in lower back, pain and numbness in the front of the right thigh

Intervertebral disc degeneration and lumbar disc herniation combined with spinal stenosis (LCS) detected at L2/3 L3/4 L4/5 disc levels.

Has a history of having done PLDD at L3/4 L4/5 disc levels for lumbar disc herniation.

Considered to be suitable for the DST (Discseel™) Treatment with an efficacy rate of about 73-80%.

Medical Condition(s): Spinal Stenosis (LCS)

Treatment Method

DST (Discseel™) Treatment at 3 disc levels.