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  • Treatment of Intervertebral Disc Degeneration using the DST Method (Discseel™) 1/7/2019 ①

Treatment of Intervertebral Disc Degeneration using the DST Method (Discseel™) 1/7/2019 ①

50s, Male

Inquiry Contents

In 2015, the patient was receiving conservative treatment (massage, acupuncture) in China, but his condition deteriorated after 2 years. At one point considered receiving treatment in Israel.

Current condition: Constant tension in the lower back area, pain in the right hip when bending forward or twisting the lower back. The patient wears a Tourmaline Stone Belt and takes Ketorolac (an anti-inflammatory drug) to alleviate the pain. Cold legs/feet symptoms since last year. Discomfort in the back after playing hobby sport volleyball that wakes him up at night.

Diagnostic Imaging Results

Chief Complaint:
Pain in the lower back and right side of the hips.

Intervertebral disc degeneration, inflammation, and lumbar disc herniation detected at L4/5 L5/S disc levels.
There is a strong suspicion of inner annulus fibrosus damage of the discs suggested by the decreased volume of the intervertebral discs.

Considered to be suitable for the DST (Discseel™) Treatment with an efficacy rate of 80% for lower back pain.

Medical Condition(s): Lumbar disc herniation, intervertebral disc degeneration

Treatment Method

DST (Discseel™) Treatment at 2 disc levels.

Patient’s Feedback

I felt a little pain while the needles were injected. After the rest following the treatment, when I tried to get up, I felt some pain, but it got better after a while.

The clinic is very clean, and the staff’s reception was excellent. I’m very glad to have come here. I’m extremely grateful to the doctors, staff, and interpreter. I look forward to seeing improvements.