DST (Discseel™) Treatment of a Patient with Sciatica Caused by LCS_15.02.2021

Male Patient in His 70's

Inquiry Contents

The patient started having pain and numbness in both legs about half a year ago after twisting his back. Sometime later, he has been diagnosed with spondylolysis at a local hospital. Currently, the patient is taking painkillers with no symptom improvement. Especially, sitting up in bed causes needle-like sharp pain that is hard to bear. The patient has been informed at the local hospital that the only thing they can do is continue with the conservative treatment and see if the patient’s condition will get better, but if there is a chance of improvement, he hopes to undergo treatment in our clinic.

Diagnostic Imaging Results

Chief Complaint:
Sciatic nerve pain and numbness on both sides in the hip area.

L1 / 2, L2 / 3, L3 / 4, L4 / 5, L5 / S1 disc degeneration / disc herniation and lumbar canal stenosis and L3 anterior lumber spondylolisthesis observed.

Medical Condition(s):
Lumbar spondylolisthesis

Treatment Method

DST method at 5 disc levels