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Patient’s Feedback after 1 Year

Here at International Lumbago Clinic, patients are contacted periodically for post-treatment follow-ups. We will be sharing the feedback of our patients and their condition from before treatment to a year after treatment.

*Satisfaction rating on a scale of 0-10

70s, Male

Treatment Method

DST (Discseel™) Treatment at 3 disc levels.

Symptoms before treatment

About 10 years ago, patient began experiencing pain and numbness in the lower back and in both legs, with symptoms worsening each year. Patient currently suffers from severe intermittent claudication and is can only walk about 50 meters at a time

Patient has been diagnosed with spinal stenosis (LCS) at another hospital. He has been receiving conservative treatment through medication and rehabilitation, but symptoms have not improved at all.

He learned about this clinic through the website and hopes to receive treatment if possible.

1 Week Post-treatment

Pain in the lower back, pain and numbness in both legs remain unchanged from before the treatment.

In addition, patient experiences pain in the hips when walking.

1 Month Post-treatment

Lower back pain has somewhat improved, but there is no change in the pain and numbness in the legs.

Pain in legs appears particularly when walking, but is better than before.

3 Months Post-treatment

No significant changes in symptoms compared to 1 month post-treatment.

Strong symptoms appear when patient is tired, especially when walking. He believes that muscle weakness is linked to the symptoms occurring, and has decided to start rehabilitation treatment again.

He will patiently await the results as he goes through regular rehabilitation.

6 Months Post-treatment

Lower back pain has further improved and is now half of the intensity compared to 3 months post-treatment.

Pain and numbness in both legs has slightly improved. The frequency of pain appearing when patient is tired has decreased, so he feels like there is progress.

1 Year Post-treatment

Around the 9-month mark, all symptoms have improved significantly.

Patient now experiences little to no inconvenience in his daily life, except for the occasional pain when he gets tired.
He is very happy to be able to live a peaceful and happy life.

Satisfaction Level: 10