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Patient’s Feedback after 1 Year

Here at International Lumbago Clinic, patients are contacted periodically for post-treatment follow-ups. We’ll be sharing the feedback of our patients and their condition from before treatment to a year after treatment.

*Satisfaction rating on a scale of 0-10

70s, Female

Treatment Method

DST (Discseel™) Treatment at 4 disc levels.

Symptoms before treatment

Patient has been suffering from pain in the lower back and sciatica in both legs for over 10 years. The severity of the symptoms has worsened recently, and she is unable to take walks or even leave the house.

Patient also suffers from osteoarthritis and relies on a cane to get around.

As she doesn’t want to undergo surgery, she is hoping to receive treatment at this clinic to ease her daily life.

1 Week Post-treatment

Pain in the sciatic nerves and legs are the same as pre-treatment, but the constant back pain has slightly improved. Patient feels more comfortable and can move around smoothly.

Patient will start going to ILM for rehabilitation treatment next week.

1 Month Post-treatment

There are no significant changes in the symptoms compared to a week post-treatment. However, rehabilitation treatment has helped her with movement, and she feels the symptoms improving gradually.

3 Months Post-treatment

Although the pain in the lower back, buttocks, and legs still remain, the intensity has decreased by about half. Patient is continuing rehabilitation treatment to further improve her condition.

Even with this result, patient feels glad that she received the treatment.

6 Months Post-treatment

Pain still occurs on occasion, but the intensity of the pain is decreasing and is overall improving. Patient is very pleased with the results.

She is also happy to hear from the rehabilitation doctor that there have been positive results from the training.

1 Year Post-treatment

Although there is still pain in the lower back and legs, patient feels significantly better compared to before the treatment, and is extremely grateful for that.

Patient plans to continue rehabilitation to strengthen the muscles and further improve symptoms.

Satisfaction Level: 8