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Patient’s Feedback after 1 Year

Here at International Lumbago Clinic, patients are contacted periodically for post-treatment follow-ups. We will be sharing the feedback of our patients and their condition from before treatment to a year after treatment.

*Satisfaction rating on a scale of 0-10

70s, Female

Treatment Method

DST (Discseel™) Treatment at 2 disc levels.

Symptoms before treatment

Patient has been suffering from increasingly worsening symptoms – pain and numbness from the left side of the lower back to the buttocks, as well as throughout the left leg. She is unable to walk for more than 200 meters.

After going to a nearby hospital, patient was diagnosed with lumbar disc herniation and lumbar spondylolisthesis. The doctor recommended a surgery but the patient wants to avoid surgery and hopes to undergo treatment at this hospital.

1 Week Post-treatment

Pain in the lower back, buttocks; pain and numbness in both legs remain unchanged from before the treatment.

The dull pain in the lower back, however, has subsided.

1 Month Post-treatment

There are no changes or improvement in all symptoms. Severe pain is only alleviated by painkillers.

3 Months Post-treatment

Lower back pain is improving, and patient can stretch her back.

However, pain and numbness from the left hip to the left leg is unchanged; walking and other physical activities still cause pain.

6 Months Post-treatment

Lower back pain has further improved from 3 months post-treatment. Patient now only feels slight pain.

In addition, the pain and numbness in the left hip and leg were alleviated 5 months post-treatment. Her symptoms are now about half of what they were 3 months post-treatment.

Walking is now a little easier.

1 Year Post-treatment

Although there is still pain in the lower back, buttocks, and left foot, the pain is almost gone.

There is still numbness in the left toe, but symptoms have improved significantly. Patient is very pleased with the treatment.

Satisfaction Level: 9