DST (Discseel™) Treatment of a Patient with Pain and Numbness the Right Hip caused by Degenerative Disc Disease_09.03.2021

Male Patient in Her 60's

Inquiry Contents

The patient has been diagnosed with disc herniation and has been undergoing spinal traction, electro-stimulation therapy, and medication treatment for some time with no effect.

He was not willing to proceed with surgical treatment, as recommended by the doctor and continued looking for other less invasive treatment options until he found and contacted our clinic.

Diagnostic Imaging Results

Chief Complaint:
Sciatic pain and numbness in the right hip and leg since December 2020

Disc degeneration/ herniation, spondylolisthesis, lumbar canal stenosis and foraminal stenosis observed at the L3 / 4, L4 / 5, L5 / S1, disc levels.

Annulogram test is needed to confirm suspected damage of the disc anulus fibrosus at the L3 / 4, L4 / 5, L5 / S1, disc levels. DST is indicated as the treatment method for the intervertebral disc herniation of the discs with diminished volume. The expected efficacy rate for the back pain is about 80%, and 73-75% for the neuropathy in the lower limbs.

Medical Condition(s):
Disc herniation

Treatment Method

DST method at 3 disc levels

Intervertebral disc diagnostic image

Treatment Image