DST (Discseel™) Treatment of a Patient in Her 80’s with Spinal Canal Stenosis_05.04.2021

Female Patient in Her 80's

Inquiry Contents

The patient recovered completely from a coccyx fracture 25 years ago and did not have any symptom until 10 years ago when she started having occasional back pain and leg pain and numbness appeared later

Recently, the patient has been diagnosed with spondylolisthesis, disc herniation, and spinal canal stenosis. The doctor advised avoiding surgery because of the advanced age, but the medication treatment is unable to improve her condition.

The patient contacted us after learning about the minimally invasive treatment options available at our clinic, hoping that she can be a candidate for DST (Discseel) treatment.

Diagnostic Imaging Results

Chief Complaint:
Pain and numbness in the back and both legs.

Spinal canal stenosis caused by disc herniation/ advanced disc degeneration at the L2 / 3, L3 / 4, L4 / L5, L5 / S1 disc levels and thickening of the yellow ligaments identified.

DST (Discseel) will be indicated as the treatment method in case the imaging exam with contrast dye confirms damage of the annulus fibrosus.

Treatment of the collapsed L5/S1 disc is considered to be impossible.

The efficacy rate of the DST (Discseel) method is around 75% for back pain and 68~70% for the pain and numbness in the legs. The overall efficacy rate will decrease by 5% due to the inability to treat the disc at L5/S1 level.

Medical Condition(s):
Spinal Canal Stenosis

Treatment Method

DST method at 3 disc level.

Intervertebral disc diagnostic image

Treatment Image