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DST (Discseel™) Treatment of a Patient After Failed MED Surgery_22.04.2021

Male Patient in His 30's

Inquiry Contents

Four years ago after being diagnosed with disc herniation, the patient had it removed with MED surgery, but last year the symptoms reappeared and have been bothering him since then.

The pain running down form the right hip to the lower leg is quite strong and hard to bear especially when getting up in the morning. The outer side of his calf feels completely numb.

The patient did not feel like undergoing the surgical treatment again, so he contacted us to see if he was good candidate for the minimally invasive procedures provided at our clinic.

Diagnostic Imaging Results

Chief Complaint:
Recurrent pain and numbness in the right hip and calf after MED surgery 4 years ago.

Disc degeneration and prolapsed type of herniation confirmed at the L4 / L5 disc level.

DST is indicated as the treatment method with expected success rate around 73~75%.

Medical Condition(s):
Disc Herniation

Treatment Method

DST method at 1 disc level.

Intervertebral disc diagnostic image

Treatment Image